How to write exciting research paper topics for college

As a college student you will be required on a number of occasions to write a research paper. Being a college student you will have had the same experience many times in high school. As always the key to the success of your research paper is the choice of topic. You were talking about exciting research paper topics but what do we mean by exciting and to whom does this apply?

There are two people involved in the research paper topic. There is the student writing a research paper and there is the teacher or professor who is reading and possibly marking it. If the topic you choose is not exciting for you then almost certainly it will not be exciting to read. You need to be hooked on the topic. You need to be enthusiastic about writing a research paper on a topic you have chosen.

Look for the unusual

Put yourself in the shoes of your teacher or professor. They have to read every research paper written by their students. Imagine how they feel when once again they see a topic which has already been done to death. Climate change is a constant theme in research paper topics. That's not to say that you can't find an unusual angle on climate change but really if you want something exciting both for yourself and for the reader, look for something unusual.

What makes a research paper topic exciting? Well the basic answer I guess is that it's something unique, it's a research paper topic which has rarely if ever been proposed before. How do you find this type of research paper topic?

You need to put on your thinking cap. Ask yourself what has not been thought about as a research paper topic before? You can try methods to stimulate your thinking. You can go online and search for suggestions or can try brainstorming. Because if you go online and find something really unusual, you will be doing exactly what the people like you are doing. If you all find an unusual topic and write about it then that topic will no longer be unusual.

Perhaps a better idea is to find an unusual topic and then brainstorm it. A spinoff may be the ideal solution. Just to get you in the mood here are some unusual or way out research paper topics.

  1. I had my first experience with an extraterrestrial body.
  2. Working in a mortuary is not as bad as it may seem.
  3. Learning a second language changed my life.
  4. Taking a gap year before college is the best thing any student can do.
  5. People who give anonymously get far greater rewards.

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