Who can help me with finding good college research paper topics?

College research paper topics can be quite simple to find if you don’t mind writing on exactly the same topic hundreds of other students have written about. However if you are looking for a topic that’s a truly unique research question, your search will inherently be much more difficult.

Three basic characteristics your research topic should have are:

  • The topic should be of great interest to you.
  • A scholarly topic.
  • The topic should be argumentative.

Each student should ultimately generate their own topic, because this is what will make it the most interesting and unique. However, it can be rather difficult to come up with original ideas. Follow the guidelines below to help you formulate your own topic.

  • Don’t choose a topic you have too much passion about because your strong-seated opinions may cloud your objectivity.
  • Look around you and ask questions about what you see.
  • Look for something that involves scientific debate. These make some of the best research topics.
  • Search for lists of topics and after finding one that interests you, put your own unique twist on it. For example, you may find the topic, “what is the best way to treat anxiety?” After a little bit of research into some treatment methods for anxiety, your own unique twist might be, “Are flower extracts effective in treating anxiety?”
  • Remember your topic should be argumentative and not simply informative.
  • Search online into news articles about new research in medicine, business, sociology or whatever broad area you want to find a topic in and form an argumentative statement about a piece of research you find.

You can browse through lists of topics such as the following:

  • Does plastic surgery help raise a person’s self-esteem?
  • Does chiropractic care have the stress-relieving results it claims?
  • Intravenous vitamin C overtaking chemo and radiation as the new cancer cure?
  • Electronic games 30 minutes before bed disrupts a child’s normal sleep patterns.
  • Is there a proven link between making more money and being happier?
  • Working late night shifts has no effect mentally or physically.
  • Running barefoot is more efficient than wearing sneakers when running.
  • Can yoga be considered an alternative therapy for depression?
  • Disprove the connection between saunas and pain reduction.

The best person to help you find a good college research paper topic is actually yourself. Using the methods outlined above should help you formulate a topic in very little time.

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