How to format a research paper in MLA style

MLA refers to a format and reference style. It is used to ensure that your paper follows a specific template and that your citations are cohesive. In using MLA style you can ensure a proper academic paper. No matter the type of essay you are writing it is important that you adhere to the tips listed below in order to create a successful paper:


Conduct proper planning. Many students fail to properly plan for an essay and in failing to do so end up using more time on the essay than was needed. Planning is very important. By planning your paper you can get the information that you need to properly structure your paper. You can make a detailed outline and then use that outline to categorize the data you find. This will save you a lot of time writing and editing later.


Find a topic that inspires you. If you are passionate about the topic you will find it easy to motivate yourself to do the work required.

If you are trying to find a topic for your next paper you can look over the list below of example topics and see if any of them stand out. Remember though that these topic examples are meant to guide you and should be used to help you find a topic for yourself:

  • You can write about the issue of noise pollution in larger cities
  • You should address the pros and cons related to universal health care
  • You can address the pros and the cons of maintaining a successful career
  • You can analyze whether level of fitness will (or can) keep an individual healthy based on their body type or medical history
  • You can offer a method for beating corruption in the work place or in the police field
  • You can offer suggestions for keeping personal spending under control
  • You can write about the effects--both good and bad--that a positive upbringing has to offer children
  • You can address the outlook for print media and the manner in which the field of journalism and journalistic ethics have fallen
  • You can address whether an individual would be better off staying in one company for the duration of their career or changing companies as per better opportunities
  • You can write about whether the state economy can trigger a global economic collapse and how

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