Where can I find a solid research paper example

Most of the papers you will do in college are research papers. You collect research done in the past and see what the researchers found or had to say on the topic you are working on. You integrate and synthesize the information thus gathered and formulate a conclusion.


When you write a research paper you have to be thorough and clearly showcase what you have found without going overboard and including all that you found. It is exciting for you to have found new and interesting things about your topic and the impulse to add all of it to your paper is strong. But it is better to choose relevant and credible information. Also steer clear of very old researches. Prefer to use recent data except when mentioning landmark work.


Some of the courses such as social sciences and business may expect you to go beyond posing a question and collecting information on what others had to say on the topic. You may be asked to conduct original research e.g. a study, or an experiment.

In that case you structure your research paper in the following sections:

  1. Introduction/ hypothesis
  2. Literature review
  3. Explanation
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Suggestions for further research/limitations of original research
  8. Conclusion, which restates the topic/ thesis statement and concisely summarizes the results
  9. You may want to go through a few examples of a well-written research paper before you embark on your project. It is always a good idea to have read through other people’s works so that the learning curve is not too hard.

    You can:

    • Go to the school library and ask the librarian to point you in the direction of published research papers.
    • Ask a senior to show you their previous works.
    • Go to the faculty members and ask to have a look at the best research papers they have read in the past term.
    • Go online and Google it. You can find examples on the internet. Beware of quality, as the Internet is free for all. Anyone can write and contribute to the info highway.
    • Online Archives: these are relatively easily accessible. Most ask for registration, some ask for a fee.
    • Online Agencies: You get credible guidance with examples for a relatively reasonable fee. The catch is common for all Internet transactions: Credibility. Ask around, Google and read original users’ reviews before you commit.

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