50 How To Find Research Paper Topics You're Passionate About

Research papers are boring by nature. Nobody wants to do them, why? Because they involve too much time, blood, sweat and tears for something that your teacher will probably just scan and consider one of the pile. But, if you write about something you are really passionate about, you can actually have fun learning about something you always wanted to know about or know more about. This way, you’ll deliver a paper that your teacher won’t be able to only scan, they’ll feel compelled to read it and probably mention yours as one of the best assignments in the batch.

  • Think about what your interests are, in general
  • So let’s say you have a physics research assignment due. It’s free choice and you have no idea what to write about, in fact you don’t even like physics. But you do like roller coasters, driving, flying, swimming. One of these could become your topic. If you think about it, it could even involve research in the field, in other words, you can get your parents to take you or let you go to the beach or to the amusement park in the name of science. Talk about acceleration, what the pressure does to your body, any number of angles are possible.

  • Have fun with the research
  • Even before you start writing your report, you will have to do pre-research. Of all those topics you came up with, read a little on them. Which sounds the most fun to write about? Remember that if you are bored while writing something, your reader will be twice as bored as you. Experiment if you can. This will help you find the angle you’ll use and it will give you ideas on how to write your paper without having to sit down and think about it, they will just pop up unconsciously.

  • Don’t try to be too original
  • Originality is great and if you find the way easily, then go ahead. But, if it doesn’t come easily to you, don’t try it. You will only get frustrated and end up hating your paper and the topic, which will mean you’ll do some really bad writing. Keep it simple and you shall have in your possession possibly the best paper you have ever written.

There are many ways to write research papers, but like everything in life, if you don’t like what you’re doing, it won’t be great. Love your topic and the paper will be fabulous on its own.

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