How To Write An Argumentative Essay

When reviewing how to write an argumentative essay, you need to remember it is not about being emotional. Your essay should show you are taking a stand on an issue being presented. You may be writing about a debatable issue or something controversial. Your essay should explore both sides of the issue and provide reasoning for why one side is best.

There are three actions you should do prior to writing your essay. This includes choosing a topic, researching both sides of your topic, and developing a thesis. Each of these aspects will help you write your essay, but in this case it is a good idea to take time to think, reflect, and take notes.

Before Getting Started on Your Argumentative Essay

Your topic will be an issue you want to discuss. Think about something debatable or controversial but be cautious of subject matters that are too broad in nature. For example, “gun control” is something debatable but the concept is too broad. Break it down into something workable such as how to make guns more difficult to obtain in the U.S., or places in the world where weapons are outlawed.

Learn about both sides of your topic through extensive research. You may already know the side you want to be on or know your position on the issue, but you need to gather your evidence from both sides to present counterarguments. You need enough details to show balance; avoid being bias.

Your arguments main reasons should be summarized into one sentence defined as your thesis. Thesis statement development is important in understanding how to write an argumentative essay. You state where you stand on the issue. This statement should be clear, concise, strong, and be provable as you will detail throughout your essay.

Writing the Essay: Body Paragraphs

When you write your paper try to understand your audience. This is important if your essay works to persuade them to take your side. You will present your findings using paragraphs with one paragraph each detailing a supporting point. The paragraphs will detail points you feel are the strongest from your research.

Details to Include

  • term paper tips Your introduction will present relevant details and background information to set the tone for your audience.
  • Conclude each paragraph with a transition sentence linking them to each other. It'll make easier to follow your ideas.
  • research paper guides You should start with striking information to hook readers into your content. Then begin to present your supporting points.

Essay Prompts And Tips

When you are able to select a topic choose something of interest or something you want to further explore. The following prompts are a few examples to consider:

  • Should abortion be illegal?
  • Are we becoming more dependent on technology?
  • Are curfews for teens effective?
  • Should sex be discussed in school?
  • Is enough being done to keep children safe on the internet?

Make It Perfect

Assert your claim with clear evidence in each paragraph. Your conclusion paragraph will encourage the audience to view the situation from your standpoint. You will restate your argument and try to make a connection to the audience through their values and interests. Your sentences and paragraphs should have good flow with logic reasoning and presentation. Each paragraph should present something different about the topic from another perspective. Your essay may include up to 10 paragraphs. Stay on topic while writing and avoid drifting off.

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