Looking for Great College Level Research Paper Topics

Finding an interesting and original topic for a college research paper can be a daunting task. You can use the following suggestions for inspiration.

  • Do abstinence programs work? In this paper, you will need to list several existing abstinence programs and offer statistical data on them. You will also need to hypothesize how society would have looked if they had not existed. Depending on the size and type of the paper you need to write, you may also add some suggestions on how to improve these programs to make them more effective.
  • The effect of smartphones on society. This paper will need to explore the changes that the popularization of smartphones caused in the world. You will also need to go back in history and explain how the influence of cellphones grew, along with the evolution that created the gadgets millions of people rely on today.
  • Should we continue to use coal? This paper should focus on the environmental and economic aspects of coal mining. Are the benefits obtained from this industry really worth the harm it causes to the planet? Do not forget to mention the millions of dollars invested in research and development of mining technology, as well as numerous victims of mining accidents.
  • The effects of company fitness centers on business productivity. Nowadays, many companies have their own fitness centers where employees can train for free. You need to study the companies’ profits and compare this data with the reports from businesses that do not offer these kinds of programs. Determine how this extra benefit influences the workers’ efficiencies. You can also explore whether the companies should allow their employees to exercise during business hours, or keep these activities restricted to their free time.
  • Should cheating spouses be prosecuted by law? Infidelity is illegal in some states. Study the statistics in order to determine how the laws that exist there influence the divorce rate. You also need to include your speculations on the type of punishment that is appropriate for this kind of offense, and offer some ways to enforce this particular legislation.
  • Should juvenile offenders be prosecuted under the same laws as adults? This paper will need to explore the differences in juvenile and adult crimes, and study the psyche of young offenders. You will need to determine the reasons that push them to commit crimes, and try to predict the effects that incarceration under adult laws will have on their personalities.

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