Use Free Sample of a Research Paper Concluding Paragraph

Writing doesn’t always come easy for everyone, and research papers can be specifically difficult. Research papers will present your research and writing abilities to your peers and instructor. In higher academic professions, research papers are published and presented to colleagues around the world. For these reasons you shouldn’t take writing your research paper too lightly. One of the most important components of your research paper will be your conclusion – this is because it will summarize your argument, bring your examples together, and leave your audience with a sense of closure. It’s a good idea to use free samples of conclusions to improve your writing.

Identify Key Elements: One reason students prefer using samples of previously written research papers is because they offer opportunities to review the key elements that make up a well-written conclusion. For instance, transition statements, re-wording of the thesis statement and key pieces of evidence, bringing the argument together and leaving a final thought for perspective are all elements that take practice. Students can highlight and underline these elements so they can visualize how they work together.

Practice Writing First and Last Sentence: After you’ve identified the key elements of your sample research paper conclusion you should take a few stabs at writing some sentences of your own. Practicing writing the first and last sentence of your conclusion is a great place to start. Many people have trouble starting their conclusions – not knowing how to start off the paragraph to let the reader know that you’ve come to the end of your argument. Other people have trouble writing that last sentence for fear that it won’t be hard-hitting or will leave the reader hanging in some way.

Rewrite Paragraph Samples for Practice: A great exercise is to re-write the content in your sample conclusions. You don’t have to be an expert in those subjects, but revising the content will let you key in on what it is that makes great writing. There was a time when re-writing was a method of learning composition. Try this out a few times and watch as your writing improves and your ability to write great conclusions becomes second nature.

Use a Friend to Review and Tell the Difference: You’ll see this a lot in art exercises, and it works well in writing exercises as well. Write your own conclusion and print out a copy of just the sample conclusion. Present each to a friend and ask him or her to tell you the difference between your own and the professionally written piece. Your friend’s feedback will be valuable in knowing what it is you still need to work on and ways to improve.

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