When can you be required to write term paper in MLA format?

What is MLA?

MLA or the Modern Language Association format is a style of formatting primarily used in the humanities department for proper documentation of sources in a research paper, term paper, or essay. Each different type of source style focuses on different aspects of the citation process that corresponds to what it is you are writing the paper for. MLA focuses primarily on where your sources come from as the most important feature. We use MLA to create a system of rules that govern how the pages are set up, how stylistic techniques are used, and the way that we site our sources. The specifications include formatting includes 1” margins, page headers, page numbers, 12 point font, a works cited page, in-text citations of works used, and in some cases a title page and end notes. These factors make it easy for a reader to comprehend what is going on and to follow your sources to do further research or to check your information. If you are curious about writing in MLA format it is best to check the Perdue Owl guide website or the MLA format guide for more rules and formatting guidelines.

When will you need MLA?

Any time you are writing a paper in a liberal arts or humanities related class you will likely be required to cite your sources according to this format. Common places where MLA is used are in works in or having to do with: language classes, literary criticisms, cultural studies, and comparative literature. Many classes use MLA because it is fairly easy to understand and learn. MLA will hardly ever be used in science classes or classes with labs because it is not conducive to the types of information necessary to make a report in those subjects reputable. MLA is a good choice if you are unsure of what format you should be using. It is well rounded and is a sort of “standard” format, especially in college.

In Conclusion

  1. You will be required to write a term paper in MLA when you are writing about a topic having to do with language, culture, or the liberal arts in general
  2. Other formats are better suited for science related papers
  3. It is important to properly cite your works in this format so the reader can easily track your sources
  4. Check the Perdue Owl or MLA style guide for more help

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