How To Write A Solid Thesis Statement For A MLA Research Paper

As you mature as a writer, you will find that your thesis statements are longer than one sentence. When you are a new writer, your one sentence will include your three main points and your goal. It may say something like: In Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway explores the theme of man against nature through the sharks, the sea, and the marlin. The theme is man against nature and the main ideas are the sharks, the sea, and the marlin.

When you are a mature writer, you can deliver the statement in several sentences. . The same sentence could read like this: Hemingway was an avid lover of nature. His novels always include a strong natural setting. In The Old Man and the Sea, the theme is man against nature as depicted through the sharks, the sea, and the marlin.

As you begin to consider your thesis statement, here are some tips on how to make sure it is MLA solid:

  • You can have anywhere from one to a hundred main points, the normal is three to five
  • Research the possible main points in order to make sure that you have 3-5 solid pieces of support for each one
  • Ask your instructor if it should be one sentence or many sentences
  • Make sure the sentence tells the reader what to expect
  • The main points should be very strong and not vague at all
  • Take a position, not both sides
  • There should be an opposition to your point of view or your opinion
  • You need to keep the paper in the same order that the ideas are listed in the sentence
  • Do not be afraid to revise, it may be that one or more of your points are not valid or supported, in that case you should revise
  • It needs to go somewhere in the first paragraph

The next time that you are assigned a MLA paper, you will be ready to compose the perfect thesis statement. Remember, this sentence is the road map for the paper. The paper must prove the projection that you make within the sentence. You can place it at he beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the paragraph. Wherever you put it and whatever it includes, it is not an effective sentence if it is not supported within the context of your paper.

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