Useful Guide For Composing An Impressive MLA Research Paper

MLA stands for modern languages association. This is a standard formatting style for research papers, term papers, dissertations, thesis and other academic assignments. Usually papers in mathematics, physics and other sciences follow the MLA style. However, this greatly depends upon the choice and preferences of your teacher. Before you format your research paper in any style, it is important to consider the requirements and specifications from your teacher or the university. This article talks about the standard rules and regulations for a research paper in MLA style. However, you can ask your teacher if there are any specifications or considerations you need to keep in mind while formatting your paper

  1. Open a new Microsoft word document and type your paper on a standard print size.
  2. All the paper should have double spacing in the text
  3. The font you use should be any that is easily readable. Experts say that you should use that font which has clear distinction between regular, bold and italics. Ideally, you should use Times New roman or Arial font style
  4. The size of the font should be readable and clearly understandable
  5. Leave a space every time you insert a period or other punctuation marks. You may ask your teacher about this
  6. The entire paper needs to have one-inch margins on the sides and on top and bottom
  7. Do not make a title page of your paper if your teacher does not need it
  8. You need to include a running header aligned to the right corner of your paper

These are all the important guidelines that will help a student write his research paper in the MLA format. One very important thing you need to remember is to double check your paper before submission. Make a list of all these rules and regulations and paste them where you can spot them while writing your paper. Separate them in clear points and have enough space between the points so that you can clearly look at each. You should always check the titles, names, author years, publication details, works cited etc. more than a few times. You do not want to give a wrong citation or reference in your paper.

Make sure that everything in your paper is in perfect shape and follows the right structure and format. Proofread several times before actually submitting the assignment. When you proofread, you find many gaps and places for improvement in your assignment.

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