Composing Fun Research Paper Topics For High School Students Without Any Troubles

Composing a fun research paper topic without any troubles can be a little difficult if you don’t know how to compose a research topic.  But don’t worry; there are some things you can do to help compose a fun research topic in no time if you follow these suggestions.  First you have to come up with a general idea for your research paper, for example education.  This is a broad subject but not you have to narrow that by doing research.  Research takes a while and usually after the first Google search, you find yourself reading articles on a certain subject of education that interest you. 

That subject that you found interesting is now going to be your research topic, for example you can narrow down education to homeschooling and do your research paper on that topic.  Research papers can be a lot of fun but you have to know how to do that, that is why you start with a general topic and then during your research you narrow it down.  Doing your research before narrowing down your topic allows you to look for different ways you can take your paper.  You can find a more interesting and fun topic to do on your research paper if you start out with a general topic, think of it as brainstorming as you read. 

General Topics To Start With

  • Ethical Issues In The Medical Field:  Topics you can cover in this include, assisted suicide, organ donation, experimental drugs, and so on.
  • Mass Media:  Has technology give us no privacy? Is some advertising unethical?
  •  Crime:  Are criminal’s behaviors inherited? Which crime is worst white collar or street crime?  Is the justice system racist?
  • Legal Issues:  Censorship in school newspapers, insanity defense, and affirmative action.
  •  Death Penalty:  Minors given the death penalty, should executions be televised, and the appeals process for these inmates. 
  •  Psychology:  Can you increase your intelligence, is substance abuse a disease, and are our behaviors determined biologically. 
  •  Issues With Teens:  Health problems in adolescents, suicide, discipline in high schools, teen pregnancy, teenage alcoholism, and after high school is a career or college right for you.

 These general topics should give you a good start to your research to find a main topic for your research paper.  Just keep in mind that when you are doing your research, the one topic that you keep reading more and more about should be your main topic because it interest you and will make the research fun.

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