Contemporary Medical Topics For Research Papers

Students believe research papers are only conducted in courses like English literature, humanities, or history. This is not the case, research papers are assigned even more in science and medical courses. Medical courses like to assign research papers, to ensure you are being kept up to date in the most recent developments or issues related to medicine and science. Here are some topics:

  1. Affordable Health Care Act
  2. Most of society is not sure what exactly the act does to their insurances and many doctors are at a loss to what it does to their paychecks. Unfortunately many people have begun to only listening to the bias news instead of reading or researching what exactly the act does to benefit or hurt us.

  3. Genetics Websites
  4. Recent discoveries have linked people through genetics on the internet. There are possible bad and good side effects to our genetics being completely available through the world wide web.

  5. Saturated and Unsaturated Fats
  6. There are newer developments claiming the amount of acceptable fats, has actually gone up because we need a certain amount in our diet. Whether there is enough evidence and what effects this could have on our diets, restaurant menus, or healthy guideline could make to an interesting medical research topic.

  7. Elder population growth
  8. It is estimated that within 20 years, nearly a fourth of our population will be elderly. What will this huge population do to our job outlooks, job pay, amount of jobs needed in certain, or educational paths for younger generations?

  9. Ebola Outbreak
  10. The Ebola outbreak in Africa has been spontaneous and affected thousands in the area. As a world we have not been able to control it and more people die every day. A research paper on how this outbreak spread so quickly and what caused this tragedy would be make for an interesting research paper. Possibly comparing past outbreaks and the recent one or how to avoid future ones could be a good spin on the paper.

  11. Nuclear Energy
  12. It is claimed that the “cleanest” and less harmful energy available is nuclear energy. Comparing nuclear energy benefits and past issues with this type of energy could make a great medical research paper.

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