How to organize your schedule when writing a term paper

Writing a term paper is not an easy process, nor is it intuitive, which means, it is not natural or obvious how one should go about the writing. Having a schedule, one which is designed to allow for all aspects of the writing process, and sticking to the schedule, will reduce, massively, the amount of stress that this stressful project can induce. But, what is the best way to organize your schedule when writing a term paper?

  • Time to Think About Subject
  • The first thing that needs to be on your schedule is time to think about the subject that you either want, or have to write on. This means sitting, with a pad and pen, and jotting down some general areas of interest.

  • Time to Read Broadly
  • Now that you have a few broad ideas about your research, sit down, in a library, and gain as much knowledge about your general area, let’s say 20th century German Fiction, as you can.

  • Time to Think of Thesis
  • Now that you have some background knowledge, take some time to think about your specific thesis, the thing that you will research in the broader category of your study. Let’s say, in the above case, choosing an author and a theme to discuss.

  • Time to Read Specifically
  • Now read in this area, about this very particular subject and get some references to support the argument of your thesis.

  • Time to Plan
  • Now you have all the basic elements, so sit down, for an entire day, and think about the best way to structure your argument with the evidence that you have.

  • Time to Write
  • Now, take, ideally, at least a full week to write the paper, depending on how long it is. I would not recommend writing more that 2000-3000 words per week.

  • Time to Edit
  • Now you can take a week or so to edit the document, focusing on writing and argument.

  • Time to Leave
  • Leave the edited essay for several days to get some distance and perspective.

  • Time to Edit
  • Return, and edit over the course of several days. Make sure you do not leave any silly mistakes.

Writing a term paper is a long process, or should be, a d involves many stages. Follow the above schedule, and you should have a panic free experience and great end result.

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