10 controversial topics to write a history research paper on

A history research paper may be seen as your typical writing assignment. But, when you have the option to select something controversial in nature then things become interesting. There are various topics to consider that have played an important part of world history. Your interests can help you find a suitable topic. In the meantime, the following ideas from the history essay help services may offer hints on what your history research paper could be about.

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  1. Women’s rights. What struggles came about when women earned the right to vote? How were women able to join the military? Why should women be able to have an abortion?
  2. World War I and II. How much did the war cost? What other countries were involved? How do related events effect how countries co-exist with each other in modern society? How did each war get started?
  3. War on terrorism. What actions in the past lead to the concept of war on terror? What are some of the earlier terrorist groups that are not mentioned in modern media? How did some of the most dangerous terrorist organizations get started?
  4. Ku Klux Klan. Why do they dislike other ethnic backgrounds that are not Caucasian? How did this group get started? What are events they are most notable for being a part of? How did this group become dominate during civil rights protests?
  5. The Holocaust. How did this event get started? How much did it cost and who was involved? How did people survive and escape? Who was Anne Frank and why was she so significant to this event?
  6. The death penalty (capital punishment). Who was the first person to be executed? What laws and regulations have been changed since the death penalty has been legal? Are there countries exploring the possibility of abolishing the act?
  7. The Great Depression. How did people survive when thousands lost their jobs? How did these events affect how people live and do business today? What actions lead to this event in the past and can it happen again?
  8. Racism. What elements were most significant in effecting a person’s ability to get a job, go to school or live in a certain neighborhood?
  9. Slavery. What were some of the first slaves ever documented and what work did they do?
  10. The Bible. What is the most reliable version of the bible? Why are there elements of the bible excluded or left out on purpose? Where did it come from?

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