10 Controversial Medical Topics For A Research Paper

There is no shortage of issues which generate discussion, debate, and controversy in the medical research community. Who is allowed access to what medical services, and which treatments, is often determined by where you live, and what you earn. Alternatively, if you live in a country where the right to die with dignity argument has not been resolved, all the money in the world will do nothing to end your suffering.

Children that are unfortunate enough to be born in parts of the world that lack clean water, basic medical treatment, and sufficient food resources, are denied the right to life before they can talk. The U.N. estimates that more than 20,000 children die every day for the reasons mentioned above.

Then there is the issue of experimental drugs, and the medicines that are in short supply. Who gets them? So many controversial issues! We'll try and break it down to help you find a topic that is right for your next research paper. Here are some places to start when you are going to ask a professional: "can you do my research papers for me?" and don't know what to begin with:

  1. Euthanasia = “Easy Death” It's All Greek To Me
  2. Put together the Greeks came up with the word euthanasia (“eu”, or easy/good + “thanatos” or death) to mean good death. Many cultures have long considered a good and/or honourable death to be critical to a life well-lived. Does the government have any right to tell us when, where, or how we should die?

  3. Pregnancy, Prenatal Illnesses, Genetic Conditions, and Parental Choice
  4. What should happen when it is discovered that an unborn child has an incurable disease? Who has the right to make the choice?

  5. Torture, Animal Testing And Experimental Research For The “Greater Good”
  6. Where do we draw the line? The world gained medical knowledge as the result of torturing Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. Millions of monkeys, dogs, cats, mice and other animals die so that humans (might) get to live longer. Right or wrong? Why not use brain-dead humans or the severely disabled instead? Now that will get you points for controversy!

  7. Organ Donation And Transplants
  8. Is organ donation a personal choice, or an obligation? Perhaps our useable bits and pieces should be automatically sliced, diced, and added to the organ bank for those who need them. Or sold to the highest bidder?If one is dea d, one doesn't really need much of anything anymore, right?

  9. Designer Bags; Designer Babies
  10. We'd like one blonde with beautiful blue eyes, and a sparkling (but slightly docile) personality. In a female, please. Small. Hold the anchovies. Should we be able to genetically design and order our children as we order pizza?

  11. What's Private For A Patient, And What Reporting Protects The Public?

Your Doctor knows you are a carrier of the HIV virus, and that you have unprotected sex. Do they have a duty to protect members of the public by allowing the police and others to access your medical records? You just came back from Liberia and you have a bitch of a fever. Your Doctor suspects you're lying when you claim that you were in Mexico. But she is not sure. What should she do?

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