7 Basic Components Of An Academic Research Paper

Are you working on an academic paper, but have no idea what the basic components are? Then you have to understand that it is a good time investment to get working on a topic only when you understand what is expected of you. To find out more about the 7 different components of an academic research paper read on:

  • Title
  • The title is the first thing that people will see when they look at your paper, which means you have to set a good first impression. If they look at the title and are interested in reading the introduction, then you have done your job well. There are a number of places that you can take a look at example projects to figure out a good quality title.

  • Thesis statement
  • The thesis statement is something that will describe the point of your research paper. This should only be a sentence long, and it helps if you can make it to the point so that it is clear. A unique statement ensures that you have a unique project.

  • Body
  • The body of the project is where the researched data and information will go. This will be the biggest part of the project and you have to ensure it is packed full of info that the reader can use to get done to the nuts and bolts of the project.

  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion of a project should ensure that all the important parts of the project are summarized in a way that is clear and leaves the reader understanding what was discovered in the project.

  • Abstract
  • The abstract is a short summary of what the project will be about. They might have a limit of 50-100 words, it all depends on the specifications of your project.

  • Title page
  • The title page must contain several different elements such as the title of your project, your name, name of the supervisor, deadline date and so on. Check with your professor to find out what exact elements such a page must contain.

  • Table of contents
  • The table of contents must contain all the headings and chapter titles with the correct page numbers alongside them. This allows the reader to easily navigate across the project to the parts that they are interested in most.

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