Getting Cheap Term Papers Online: 5 Ways To Avoid Fraud

Your term paper’s due date is rapidly approaching, and you haven’t even started your research. You have too much homework and just need to turn in a decent term paper so you can pass the course and get on with your life. You rarely cheat, are short on cash, and you’ve heard all the horror stories about essay writing services. This isn’t something you’ve done before, and you certainly don’t want to ask your classmates for advice. Here are five ways to get a cheap term paper online and avoid getting ripped off.

Read Their Website Closely

  • A professional essay writing service will have a professional website with well-written copy. Web sites that are riddled with spelling and punctuation mistakes are a dead giveaway, as are websites that are written in an awkward tone.
  • A professional service that will take the time to produce a quality paper will also have a quality website.

Attempt to Contact Them

  • Scammers often operate from outside of the country, but they will try to appear local. Fraudulent websites often have missing or inconsistent contact information. They typically lack fax support, physical street addresses, or local phone numbers.
  • Try contacting them during regular business hours for their location. If you reach an answering machine or answering, service beware. The chances are good that they are not operating locally.

Check for Listings in Reputable Online Directories

  • Reputable online directories verify the existence of the business in their listings. If the essay service is not listed on free online directories, such as Google Places, it is a safe bet that they are scammers.
  • Legitimate businesses want to have a strong online presence and will take the time to go through the verification process for free online directories such as Google Places.

Avoid Free and Super Cheap Sites

  • Actual businesses have operating expenses they need to cover in addition to the costs of hiring writers. When it comes to essay writing services, you get what you pay for. Quality writing requires money. Scammers often hire non-native English writers who will work for shockingly low fees. These papers will be poor quality and written in a foreign tone.
  • Professional essay, dissertation, and thesis writing services often hire freelance writers to write the papers. Reputable freelancers have higher rates. If the cost of the paper is too good to be true, chances are they are not hiring reliable freelancers to write it.

Sample Their Products

  • Legitimate essay writing services give you an opportunity to sample their product. Some will have free samples available on their websites while others will send you a sample if you request one.
  • Read their samples carefully. Examples from poor quality and fraudulent services will be riddled with poor grammar and have numerous spelling and punctuation mistakes.

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