Secrets of a Compelling Research Paper Introduction: How to Capture Your Readers' Attention

As you know, a positive first impression is the first step towards success. The introduction is the part of your paper that outlines your project and defines its contribution to the field. Therefore, a poorly written introduction can cast a shadow on the entire piece of work. The following secrets will teach you how to write an introduction to provoke your readers’ interests.

  1. Don’t make it too lengthy.
  2. The introduction should be just long enough to arouse interest to your paper. Try to be as brief as possible, and do not provide many details of the research – there will be no sense in reading the rest of the paper since you have explained everything at the very beginning. Generally, it takes about a page and a half.

  3. Write an introduction after you complete your paper.
  4. It makes sense, since you don’t know where the paper writing will lead you to. Rather than constantly making changes to the introductory part, first finish your paper, then proceed to the beginning section. Besides, it is the easiest way to write an introductory chapter. As long as it doesn’t require any new information, all you need to do is restate what you have already written in the paper.

  5. Do not focus your attention on the basics.
  6. Your instructor will evaluate your paper, and he or she is well aware of the area of research. Paying much attention to the common truths will do your work no good. You can mention some well-known facts if necessary, but then get straight to the point.

  7. Construct your introduction properly.
  8. These are some of the standard elements of an introduction:

    • The background information;
    • The research question of the paper;
    • The importance of the project;
    • The limitations of the study;
    • The objectives of the research;
    • The methods of the investigation.

    However, not all of them are obligatory, so you need to specify the list with your instructor.

  9. Begin with an interesting introductory paragraph.
  10. Considering the fact that the main aim of the introduction is to make people want to read your paper, you need to think carefully about what to start with. You can open your paper with a witty story or an appropriate anecdote. Politicians use the same strategy in their speeches to win favor from their audience. Alternatively, you can present a provocative idea or thought-provoking statement. Moreover, try to give a concrete real-life example to show that your research is of vital importance. Don’t go too far in using all these tactics; one is more than enough.

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