Free writing websites: should I get a research paper from them?

You have been searching high and low for some help with your research paper. You have come across a site that offers a free research paper and you think jackpot. All you have to do now is download and submit. But before you do that, let’s think about whether or not you should hand in that free paper.

Is it original?

Well that answer is rather obvious. The internet and that site specifically has been accessed and is accessed by individual’s all over the world. It is easy to say that it is not an original. There is also no way of knowing how long it has been up for. That means that your teacher may have already received the same paper from another student.

Is it quality work?

Chances are if someone put it out there for free, it wasn’t worth paying for. What would possess someone to just put their paper out there? If the teacher found the website, there would be no proof that the original writer even wrote the paper because it is out there for the world to see.

Will the plagiarism checker find it an exact match?

Some teachers utilize new software that will compare your essay to multiple different sources to check to see if it was plagiarized. I don’t know for sure if it checks every search engine or if it checks published works but if it can scan the internet, your paper is surely coming back one hundred percent plagiarized.

Now that I have bummed you out, here are some ways to use the free paper without getting caught.

  1. Use it as a guide
  2. You can use the paper as a guide. If you struggle with writing papers see how the writer set the paper up and then use it to guide you in writing your own paper.

  3. Rewrite it
  4. If you are set on using it, rewrite it a little. Use the same concepts but switch the sentence structure, change the words a little by using synonyms, and switch the paragraphs around. This may be a lot work but it is worth it to not get caught cheating.

I hope this answers your question. My thought is that you are getting what you paid for and in this case you paid nothing so you are probably getting nothing.

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