What To Know About The Research Paper Discussion Format

The discussion section of your research paper has a unique function, just like the other sections. Before embarking on the discussion section, it is important to bear in mind the following facts.


This is the section where you will be required to interpret the results of your field work. You will be required to discuss these findings in relation to the existing knowledge in your discipline. It connects your thesis statement with facts contained in literature review and the findings of your experiments.


An active voice should be used when writing the discussion section of your research paper. While first person is allowed, extensive use is likely to distract the reader from the main point. Be precise and to the point when making arguments and avoid being too wordy. It is not a story telling section.


The section should be organized such that each experiment is discussed in the order they appear during presentation. The discussion should focus on the implications of the results or findings to your thesis and problem statements. Subheadings are allowed to provide details of the issue under discussion.

Rules for writing the discussion section of your research paper

  • Begin with the major findings and explain why such findings occurred. The explanation may be related to other experiments in the area.
  • Compare what other researchers have found out and how it relates to your thesis. You may need to point at limitations that cause your work to be non-exhaustive. This opens up room for future research.
  • State why your paper is relevant to the immediate society. This must include the world of academics and the society at large. It is an opportunity to show the economic value of the resources and time you spent compiling the paper.
  • Provide a direction pointing at what motivated you to study the topic or issue and how it adds value to future academic work. The discussion section provides a bridge to past and future research work.
  • The conclusion must tie up all the experiments by providing the relationship. It should be clear and point at the value of your experiments to the society and the world of academics.

The right format for the discussion section of your research paper makes it easier to follow the results and relate them with the problem at hand. An original topic will definitely produce a captivating discussion section. Do not introduce any new details in this section.

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