Looking For A Decent Research Paper Summary Example

If you’ve been charged with the task of writing a research paper summary, and you have no idea how to go about doing that, it may be helpful to look at a few examples of research paper summaries. Once you get this idea, then you find yourself facing another dilemma: where to find good examples of research paper summaries.

The first option that will come to most people is the obvious in today’s world: Google it. There are probably thousands of websites willing to show you what a decent paper summary should look like. But who has time to stroll through thousands of websites to find the specific examples needed?

We’ve given it some thought and come up with a few suggestions that may help to expedite the process of finding the example you’re looking for:

  1. Look for completed papers posted online. There are a plethora of completed formal papers, from simple essays to dissertations, posted online. Many can be viewed at no cost. Most completed academic papers will include a summary of the paper or an abstract. Don’t settle for looking at one example alone, however. Look at several to get a broader idea of what a summary may encompass.
  2. Check out other sources. If you’re a college student, there’s a very good possibility that you’ll be going to your university’s library on any given day. That’s a good place to start looking for examples of research summaries. Check in the writing center of the library. They may offer examples of complete papers, including summaries, at no charge. There are textbooks about academic writing that can walk you through the process of writing a summary. And you can always use the library’s computer lab to Google a summary.
  3. Websites offering essay writing services. Even if you’re not looking to purchase an essay, many websites that offer writing services will publish summaries of available research papers. This is a free way to look at examples of formal paper summaries.
  4. Check peer review websites. There are websites that offer peer reviews of academic papers. You can check on these sites for pre-publish papers that will include a summary. These papers are usually written to a high standard, so you may benefit from looking here.
  5. University websites. Some universities will offer student assistance online through their websites. Many professors will post examples of how they want their research papers to look. You can go through these to find different examples of what a summary should look like.

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