The Easiest Way To Complete A 9th Grade Research Paper

Teachers usually give a very detailed assignment when it comes to 9th grade research paper writing. This is a good thing, because it gives a guideline and a checklist. All their expectations for the paper can be met if the student writes the paper and checks each requirement off the checklist.

For example, there may be a certain number of references needed, a certain number of pages, even a certain number of paragraphs in some cases. There may be some processes to follow as well. Get library sources, get internet sources, and interview live people. All these things should be followed exactly.

Strategies for research

A brainstorming session is always a great way to start. Write down all the ideas that come to mind. Talk to other family members and friends and see what ideas can be added. After that, check media, online and library resources.

The sources should be well documented. Even for a 9th grade paper, the teacher will be looking specifically for a few things: that there’s no plagiarism, that the guidelines are being followed for the assignment, and the student has done diligent work.

Making an outline

This is an essential part of a successful paper. Basically you take the main ideas and organize them into a logical order. Then the details and examples are used to fill in the paragraphs. Make sure there is evidence to back up the thesis statement, which is the sentence the topic is based on.

The body contains all the main ideas and evidence for the research. The introduction tells the reader what the paper is about and introduces the thesis statement. The conclusion briefly summarizes what was said and concludes the outcome of the evidence that was presented.

Writing the paper

Write a rough draft first, not worrying about errors as you go along. This free writing is a good exercise and can help the creative juices flow more freely. There will be an opportunity to fix up the spelling errors and so forth after the first draft has been written.

Leave the paper for a while and clear your head a little. This will help you to have a fresh view when going back to correct the errors. Read through the rough draft. Did it cover all the main points in the outline? Does it make sense logically? Do the necessary edits now, before the proofreading begins. After a good proof, the final draft of the paper is ready.

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