5 great options for civil engineering term paper topics

Though it’s name may be fairly modern, civil engineering is an ancient field and in one guise or another has led to the creation of some of the worlds most impressive and long-lasting monuments. These include the Great Pyramids of Egypt and South America as well as the great wall of China. If you intend to study in this field you are therefore in great company. Here are a few interesting topics that you can consider basing your term paper on.

An all encompassing drainage solution

Identify a building or community that suffers from perennial flooding and collect as much data as possible on the causes of the problem. Once this is complete, you can apply the knowledge you have learned in your class to the planning of a solution. You may not be able to ever implement due to cost issues but you will have created a term paper that can’t help but be marked well for being thorough.

Highway systems vs Railway lines: A case for infrastructural Development

Development means different things in different places but for small countries that have experienced increases in wealth of late, this can lead to congested roadways and growing rates of pollution. This paper can look into the feasibility of producing a nationwide rail system or an island-wide highway system in a small country that could conceivably afford either one.

A new set of building guidelines for disaster preparedness

With climate change leading to larger and larger storms, previously used building codes may no longer be adequate protection. Added to this, some regions that were not vulnerable in the past have become so now. This paper can look into new rules that could be implemented to save lives and property

The practicality of non-traditional building materials in the construction of modern homes

With many new materials on the market this, paper can compare the usefulness of a few of the best ones with some of the more traditional materials.

Modular housing kits for Faster cheaper Apartment building

Housing kits that can be assembled to build apartment buildings may be the future of budget housing. This paper could thoroughly dissect how this could take place and what changes need to made in the industry.

While generally seen as very scientific and cut and dry, civil engineering topics do leave room for the imagination and need only be kept grounded by current physical limitations.

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