18 Original History Research Paper Topics For College

Writing a research paper, you can follow a similar format each time. Your paper will be require a strong topic, compelling research, a planned outline, and your careful execution. The same goes for History papers. When writing your next History Research paper, review these 18 topics to get inspired. We have also included some tips as to how to find your own unique ideas, too!


  1. Shape Shifting of Land
  2. New Countries and Capitals
  3. Home of Human Emergence
  4. Religious

  5. Eastern Religion
  6. Church Reform
  7. New vs. Old Testament
  8. World

  9. Globalization
  10. Leadership around the World
  11. Teaching World History
  12. Military

  13. Use of Weapons
  14. Nuclear Warfare
  15. Technology in War
  16. Cultural

  17. Anthropology
  18. Customs
  19. Group Art
  20. Other Types

  21. International Relations
  22. Business Practices
  23. Gender Effects

Tips for Locating Others

  • Applicable
  • Consider the prompt of your paper—what is expected of you as far as the topic and rubric? Think about the style of the essay and the directions to select a topic that is applicable to the assigned task. Reading the instructions should be a no-brainer, but often people lose points for selecting something not on-point.

  • Supportable
  • Now that you have a full understanding of the research paper’s instructions, you will want to be sure the idea you go with is supportable. There can be very interesting ideas, but if there are not sources for support—these will not make for strong papers.

  • Unique
  • Finally, after you have developed a shortlist of ideas that are both applicable to the prompt and supportable with research—you will want to select the most unique and interesting one. Maybe only one of your topics ended up being applicable and supportable, but in the event you still have more than one choice to select from, you will want to go with the topic most unique.

Look at the areas of research we have outlined—as well as other areas of History that interest you. Whether it be geographical, religious, world, military, cultural, or another type of history—there are plenty of areas to research. There are so many ideas out there for you to choose from, just follow our guidelines. As long as you find a applicable, supportable, and unique idea you will be smooth sailing!

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