What Does A College Term Paper Look Like: MLA Formatting Guidelines

If you are just learning what a college term paper looks like, you certainly have a lot of work to do. This does not mean however that you will never hack it. Perhaps the best thing that you are doing so far is getting yourself the basic instructions before you have to get in on the thick stuff. There are lots of important lessons that you can learn and in particular when you are formatting your paper in the MLA format.

It is a good thing that you also want to learn about formatting your paper based on this particular format because there are so many others out there that you can consider. In particular the APA format happens to be one of the most commonly used in learning institutions, especially since it is the default formatting style when working on a paper classified under the social sciences.

In order to help you figure out what a college term paper looks like, we will pay attention to some of the important details herein. The following are some of the common features that your paper must have for it to be complete:

  • A good title

  • A strong introduction

  • Perfectly cited discussion

  • A good conclusion

  • Reference section

A good title

In case you are still not aware, you will need to get a really good title for your paper to be complete. You will also need to figure out how to ensure that your paper title does not appear to be similar to any that has been submitted by other students.

A strong introduction

A good MLA paper must have a really good introduction. The introduction helps your teacher make sense of the paper you are working on, and provides direction for your work.

Perfectly cited discussion

In as much as you will be spending a lot of time on the discussions, it is also important for you to make sure that you have them properly cited. Relevant citations will help you keep the paper on track.

A good conclusion

A good paper must have an impressive conclusion. This should follow through on the trend that has already been set by the title and your introduction.

Reference section

Finally, try and ensure that you write the reference section as per the MLA guide instructions. This has to be one of the most important tips that you should have in mind all the time.

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