How to write a formal outline of the research paper?

While writing your research paper, it is advisable that you begin your research endeavors with forming an outline of the research work that you plan to execute for specific requirements. This will help you in focusing on your work and make sincere efforts to stick to the topic of research and its guidelines while chalking out the research plans to support your thesis statements and the vast literature collected by you for the research. An outline helps your research work by keeping it organized in the order of its explorations on research problem discussed. It also helps in noting all the requisite points to be covered for research which we may forget otherwise due to the work load and pressure of submitting the research paper within the stipulated time for submission on your work.

The outline of your research paper must include the following elements to guide you in the process of preparing your research paper.

  1. Introduction which defines clearly the purpose why you are taking up the research work. How the research work is important and in what ways the information gathered along the research process would help you in finding solutions to the research problem and further solve major issues experienced in daily life. The introduction must be prepared carefully as this is the chapter that would define your research problem, its significance and how it relates to the larger purpose of solving problems in the society. The introduction must also reveal your thesis statement, aims and objectives of your study and the key concepts that you plan to discuss through the research.
  2. Body of the outline must comprise of chapters which provide and explain your key arguments or concepts related to the research. This begins with the section of literature review, to compile and relate work done on the subject by past researchers, followed by your research methodology which defines your approach towards the research and how it is the most appropriate one to undertake this research and then the next 3 chapters can include your lesson plans, analysis, results and discussion.
  3. The conclusion of your research paper must provide the key takeaway from your research results and a reassertion of the research problem with respect to the research findings and analysis of results. The conclusion must also provide recommendations, limitations of research and implication of research for future directions. All these are to be followed by the bibliography and appendix.

The research outline demands you to be brief in describing your research strategy that you propose to develop for the work.

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