What are some good research paper topics in Science

Here’s a fact: Science rules the world. Whether you like your science applied, natural, political, or social, there will never be a lack of topics to explore and discuss. Since Science is based almost entirely on factual information, or enough empirical evidence available to comfortably make that leap, (with the exception of science fiction, although even this is becoming more real).

Science is very popular. How popular? Why, there is even a magazine dedicated to all things science. It’s called Popular Science.

Science impacts just about every aspect of everyday life. So making an excuse like “science just isn’t relevant to my life”, in an attempt to get out of writing the paper is, well, irrelevant. So put down your copy of last month’s Popular Science (I know you weren’t reading it), and let’s get scientific.

Research the research

  • Topics for science papers are even more accessible these days (thanks to Science). There are so many ways to play this one!
  • If you aren’t psyched about a specific scientific topic, put a historical twist on things. Why not consider the way things were researched in the past compared to the way research is conducted in the 21st Century?

Don’t let convention dictate what your topic will be. Many times people look at the words ‘research’ and ‘Science’ in a description for an assignment and immediately dismiss any creative possibilities. This doesn’t have to be the case. Consult your instructor or professor if you have a new or different way to put a twist on your research paper. Not only will your work stand out from the other conventional and formulaic approaches used by others, your professor will acknowledge and appreciate your efforts.

Research yourself

  • Do something a little bit different (at least by research paper standards). Observations and evidence were documented in journals and diaries to show proof. Why not create your own diary to detail your research? Kind of like a retro “selfie”.
  • Shedding light on research itself instead of the other way around takes some pressure off of you. Sometimes it can feel like the research is writing the paper and you are just along for the ride. That doesn’t have to happen.

Admittedly, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. However, if you keep your focus and look at the assignment from a different angle, one day Science might make you in to a research topic.

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